Customer Onboarding
Faster. Easier. Compliant.

Who is LOQR?

LOQR provides a 360º Identity Management Platform, including Fast, Easy and Compliant Customer Onboarding with Identity Verification and Digital Contract Signing features.

Identity Is Our focus

End-to-end Identity Management
Universal and Business Agnostic
Flexible and Easy to Integrate
Compliant and Secure

Use Cases

Banking and Financial Services

In the banking and financial services industry, the customer experience quality is key to attract new and retain existing clients. The competition arising from tech-savy newcomer banks entering the market reshaped the … [read more]

Online Gambling

Due to a combination of factors, the global online gambling market is experiencing unparalleled growth. One reason is that our world is becoming increasingly more digitized every day. Computers and smartphones, as well as other advanced…  [read more]

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